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Video: Ezekiel Elliott Believes One Prominent NFL Team Is "In Love" With Him

Over the last four or five years, teams have been loath to take running backs early in the NFL Draft, but last year Todd Gurley broke out despite missing the first few weeks with injury, after being picked 10th overall by the then-St. Louis Rams. Ohio State's do-it-all back Ezekiel Elliott is the rusher that looks to buck the trend this year, and if he's correct, he could go right around where Gurley did in Thursday's first round.

During an interview with Dan Patrick, Elliott was asked if he thinks there's a team that has "truly fallen in love" with him. His answer: the Chicago Bears.

Of course, the Bears may not have a chance to take Elliott. There has been talk that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones covets Elliott, who he sees as the running back needed to recreate the legendary "triplets" from the 1990s dynasty.

During the same interview, Elliott told Patrick how he would handle an encounter with Jim Harbaugh. The whole thing is worth a watch.