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Video: J.T. Barrett Participated In The Circle Drill With A Fan At Student Appreciation Day

JT Barrett Circle Drill.

JT Barrett Circle Drill

Today was Student Appreciation Day at Ohio State, and as you can imagine, the turnout at Buckeye spring practice was strong. 

Fans usually love seeing players participate in the "Circle Drill," but don't often end up getting involved themselves. Quarterbacks are always excluded from the action as well, so naturally today saw an OSU QB and a young fan face off in the circle.

Lori Schmidt of Columbus' 97.1 The Fan has the video of J.T. Barrett "defeating" a young woman in the Circle Drill. Surely this was a thrill for her to be face-to-face with one of the Buckeyes. 

">April 2, 2016

That will undoubtedly be the only time you see Barrett in the circle during his career in Columbus.