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Video: Mike Thomas Danced, Did "O-H" On Field As Clock Wound Down In Win Over Michigan

Mike Thomas dances on the field against Michigan.


Locker room dances after big college football wins have become quite ubiquitous. On-field dances while you watch the clock run out on an arch-rival? Now that's next level. With just six second left in regulation, Ohio State wide receiver Mike Thomas stood on the field and danced, eventually morphing his moves into the beginning of an "O-H-I-O." We're sure plenty of Buckeyes at home were ready to finish it, as the door slammed on the Wolverines.


— Lindsey (@lindzlou01)

Mike Thomas. Lol

— Lindsey (@lindzlou01) November 28, 2015

">November 28, 2015

">@Cantguardmike is a FOOL!! #Zone6

— Zach S ith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith)

LOL This man @Cantguardmike is a FOOL!! #Zone6

— Zach S❌ith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) November 28, 2015

">November 28, 2015

Ohio State has been up-and-down this season, but it picked a perfect spot for its best game of the year. Now, they need to root for Penn State to pull off a big upset.