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Video: Navy Joins Ohio State As The Buckeyes Sing "Carmen Ohio," OSU Joins Midshipmen For "Navy Blue And Gold"

After every Ohio State game, the Buckeyes football team sings the song "Carmen Ohio," regardless of whether the team wins or loses. It's one of the special things that is part of the rich tradition at Ohio State. Today, after the Buckeyes upended Navy, 34-17, the Midshipmen did something really cool: they joined Ohio State as the team sang "Carmen Ohio."

This is an awesome gesture from Navy. The team took the loss so well, especially considering that, for most of the game, it looked like the Midshipmen had a really good shot at winning. Instead, Navy deserves a ton of credit for losing with grace, and for doing something incredibly classy after the game.

Before the two teams came together for "Carmen Ohio," the Buckeyes, in what was also a great act of sportsmanship, joined Navy while the Midshipmen sang their alma mater, "Navy Blue and Gold."

Here's to hoping more teams do great acts of sportsmanship like this.