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Video: Ohio Governor John Kasich Thinks Michigan Wolverines Need To Find A New Rival


Ohio governor John Kasich knows just how to win over the favor of those who live in the Buckeye State: make fun of the Michigan Wolverines. Kasich recently took a break from an event promoting an amendment to the federal budget to talk a bit of football ahead of 'The Game' this weekend:

"In case you didn't know, we have a little football game coming up this Saturday. You know they say, people at That School Up North say, 'Oh, well, it's our interstate rivalry.' Well, you know, here's what I have to say to them: 'When we beat you like a drum every single year you'd better start looking for a new rival.' And you tell them up there what I have to say."

Here's video of the comments:

Ahh, trash talk at its finest. Although in complete seriousness, nobody wants this rivalry to go anywhere -- it's the best in college football.