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Video: Ohio State Football Players Joined The Dance Team For The Halftime Show At Today's Basketball Game

Ohio State's mascot taking a half court shot during a basketball game.

COLUMBUS, OH - JANUARY 4: Ohio State Mascot Brutus the Buckeye goofs around with a basketball prior to the start of the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on January 4, 20114 at Value City Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State won by a final score of 84-53. (Photo by Ryan Young/Getty Images)

On Thursday, we learned that members of the Ohio State football team were working on a dance routine for halftime of today's OSU basketball game against Wisconsin. The performance has come and gone, so let's see how things turned out:

Our thoughts:

  1. Does Ezekiel Elliott wear his crop-top exclusively now? Seems like a poor decision with the winter that we're having, but whatever works for him.
  2. We really appreciate that the players totally went for it. It looks like anyone who was hesitant about dancing in front of tens of thousands of fans stayed home.
  3. Aaron Parry: not the best rhythm, but the effort is there.

Overall, solid job by the Buckeyes. They're probably more likely to win another national championship on the gridiron than the dance floor, but they definitely brought it this afternoon.