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Video: Ohio State Football Players Send Encouraging Video To Young Fan With Leukemia

This may be the best story you'll read today. According to an amazing story by, a group of Ohio State football players, led by junior linebacker Joshua Perry, sent an encouraging video to a 4-year-old Buckeye fan named Joshua Chambers. Chambers was diagnosed with high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2013, and while he has gone through a successful year of chemotherapy, he still has a long fight ahead.

One day, while Chambers was in an emergency room in Orlando, Perry sent Joshua videos of various Ohio State players wishing Joshua well as he battled the disease.

Seven Buckeye players -- Perry, Darron Lee, Raekwon McMillan, Curtis Grant, Devan Bogard, Doran Grant and Craig Fada -- sent videos to Chambers, and as you can guess, the young Buckeye fan loved all of them.

“I would forward them from my phone to Joshua’s iPad and he’d get a message and it would pop and he’d say 'It’s another Buckeye!’” Chambers said.

“The way we did it by sending them over to his iPad one at a time he was like ‘Oh another one and another one!’"

This act has led to a bond between Perry and the Chambers family.

"But I talk to his dad all the time and he’ll send me pictures and videos and for a kid who’s going through so much in his life, he always has a smile on his face it seems like," Perry said.

"He’ll send me a video of him playing in the backyard in the sprinklers, he’ll be wearing a Superman shirt, an Ohio State shirt or something and every time I see him he’s got a smile on his face."

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