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Video: Ohio State Football's Champions Dinner Featured Barbecue, Dodgeball, Softball, Urban Meyer Playing Shortstop

One of the beams that helps hold up the foundation that is Urban Meyer's Ohio State football program is his Champions Dinner. Each spring, the Buckeyes' coach and his staff invite the players from his team that have met the standards he set for the offseason--both on the field and in the classroom--to a celebratory meal. 

This year's Champions Dinner took place two weeks ago. Meyer, his assistant coaches, and the group of "champion" players gathered at Bill Davis Stadium. They ate barbecue, played softball, and roughed it up in dodgeball. 

Check it out: 

Ohio State doesn't release the list of players that were invited to the dinner, but can you imagine being a player that wasn't invited? If an evening of ribs and tossing around a ball with Meyer can't motivate a player to do well on-and-off the field, what can?