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Video: Ohio State Students Camping Out In "Mattaritaville" For The Big Michigan Game Tomorrow

Dustin's tent is pretty hooked-up.

Camping out for prime seats at basketball games is nothing new at powerhouse schools like Duke, Kansas, or Indiana. Ohio State, on the other hand, has just recently developed a sense of urgency and passion for its basketball program.

The Buckeyes square off against unbeaten and second-ranked Michigan Sunday at 1:30, and the magnitude of this game has brought out the tents and sleeping bags in front of the Schottenstein Center. The campsite has been dubbed "Mattaritaville," in honor of coach Thad Matta. There were six tents set up when I was out there this afternoon, a respectable turn out for a school known much more for its football tradition.

The campers have been enjoying their stay thus far, which has included 60 degree temperatures, pizza delivered by the team before practice, and a caring Buckeye fan who came bearing sliders from White Castle last night. I caught up with a few of the students to talk about their experience. Special thanks to Dustin, Jake and Zach for their input.