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Video: Ohio State's Braxton Miller Is Reminding Everyone How Great A Runner He Is

Braxton Miller one his way to scoring a touchdown for Ohio State.

Braxton Miller Run

Braxton Miller woke up on this summer morning and decided he was going to remind the world that's he's as dangerous as it gets in the open field. 

That's what it seems like, anyway. 

Earlier this morning, the Ohio State quarterback (?) posted a photo of himself juking out some Michigan players in the Buckeyes' 2013 game against the Wolverines. 

And now, Miller, who will next week be making an announcement about his "immediate plans", posted a video of an insane run he made against Indiana his freshman year. 

Is Miller trying to tell us something? That, perhaps, he's making the move to running back/wide receiver? We'll find out next week.