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Video: Ohio State's Thad Matta Mocks Stanford "Heisman Guy" After Win Over Illinois

Thad Matta stands behind an Ohio State basketball player.

thad matta mocks stanford heisman guy

Ohio State men's basketball coach Thad Matta was in a good mood after his team's 75-73 win over Illinois Sunday night, and decided to have some fun during post-game interviews. Matta, clearly mocking the Stanford "Heisman guy" who continuously interruptedMaria Taylor's interview with Christian McCaffrey this past Friday, snuck up behind star forward Marc Loving to give him the same treatment.

Loving finished with 27 points and seven rebounds in the win, so perhaps it was warranted.

">January 4, 2016

Props to Matta for staying in the know. Expect this to become a thing.