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Video: Paul Finebaum Rips Urban Meyer's Handling Of This Season's Ohio State Team

Paul Finebaum talks about Urban Meyer on ESPN.

Paul Finebaum Urban Meyer

On ESPN's College Football Live this afternoon, Danny Kanell and Paul Finebaum discussed Ohio State's loss to Michigan State and what transpired post-game. 

To those who missed it - Cardale Jones announced he's leaving OSU after the season, Ezekiel Elliott ripped the play-calling and announced he is also done with the Buckeyes after this year. 

Finebaum has a problem with how Urban Meyer's handled his Ohio State team this season. He criticized the coach on CFBLive.

">November 24, 2015

Here's what he said: 

"Frankly, I think Urban Meyer has done a poor job from the very beginning (of this season). I think he mismanaged the quarterback situation; I think he let it fester way too long. Now, again, there's always the challenge of winning the national championship and being the prohibitive favorite, which he was; of course we had Florida State last year and Alabama the year before. But I just think he needed to get this team more grounded. I think that train left long ago. I think the culmination was a mess on Saturday in Columbus."

"I thought he was very tame on J.T. Barrett; he embraced him. He gave him a pass instead of being firm. And I frankly think he repeated that with Ezekiel Elliott. I think Elliott had a point about the play-calling, but not to beat a dead horse, but for a player - and Cardale Jones said the same thing - but to say this was it for me, and the coach just shrugs his shoulders, I've seen this movie before with Urban Meyer at the University of Florida and it looks like it's repeating itself in Columbus."

"I just don't like what Urban said yesterday, when he acted like it was the media's fault. I've watched that several times, as you have, and Ezekiel Elliott was not under siege there. This wasn't him walking out of the stadium; he was holding court, he seemed calm, he seemed collected and he said what he did."

Kanell then said he didn't have much of a problem with what happened and that Meyer could use the post-game situations as a teaching moment. Finebaum responded. 

"How is he teaching him if he's hugging him and saying he had an infection earlier in the week and somebody threw a microphone in his face? You have a track record here on this show of enabling athletes and I think Urban does too."

Too harsh, college football fans?