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Video: Urban Meyer Discusses Ohio State's "Real Life Wednesdays" Program

Ohio State football runs a program called "Real Life Wednesdays," during which players take in lectures from various CEOs, business professionals, and people in the sports world and prepare for life after football. Buckeyextrawrote about the program this spring.

That’s the impact OSU coach Urban Meyer seeks in programs that he and his staff have named “real life Wednesdays”, in which his players are exposed to all manner of presentations, from business, sports entertainment, legal and other leaders from outside the football program.

It’s a program Meyer started at Florida, he said, after the Gators won their second national championship in three years in 2008. Meyer said Chuck Heater, an assistant coach on that staff, told him, “ ‘You know, Coach, 61 million people watched that game on TV, and coaches get all these raises and (athletic directors) get their raises. But what do the players get?’ ”

Players get a full scholarship, the pledge to push them toward a degree, and training that might help them advance to the NFL, but colleges aren’t obligated to do much more. Meyer believed there was an obligation to help players prepare for the real world once their playing days are over, and he thought an obvious step would be exposure to people with real-world experience and success.

Ohio State released a video today showing some of the highlights of this year's program, including the June job fair that comes at the end of the yearly program.

Of all the successes that Urban Meyer has had on the field during his tenure at Ohio State, the "Real Life Wednesdays" program is probably one of the smartest things he's done as Buckeye head coach.