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Video: Which Big Ten Team Is The Most Forgettable For Ohio State Students?

Some surprising results.

While conference realignment has no doubt changed the landscape of college athletics, the Big Ten is one conference that has been able to retain all of its members as well as add a few newcomers into the mix. But while Nebraska may have joined the conference in 2011, the majority of its member schools have been competing in the B1G for decades - and for some, over a century. As you'll learn below, however, just because you've been around the longest doesn't exactly mean you're the most noteworthy - at least not in Columbus.

I went around Ohio State's campus this week and asked 20 students to name the 12 schools that currently reside in the Big Ten. The results were surprising. 

All twenty students interviewed in the video were able to name Ohio State (duh) and Michigan almost immediately. They had a much harder time with Northwestern and Minnesota, two founding members of the conference (back in 1896), however.

I also asked which two schools would be joining the Big Ten conference in 2014 as a bonus. Maryland was named 13 times, while Rutgers was listed 10 times. More OSU students were able to name Maryland as a Big Ten school than Wisconsin, Northwestern and Minnesota.

Check out the rest of the results below: