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Videos: Ohio State's "Valentine's Day Massacre" Looks Incredibly Intense

As noted earlier in the day, Friday was Ohio State's "Valentine's Day Massacre" - which is pretty much the most intense workout of the offseason. Some players wore wolf masks. Some coaches actually participated with the players. Everyone seems to be pretty tired.

Ohio State - between its official accounts and its coaches' accounts - did a great job keeping Buckeyes fans in the loop regarding the day. Here's the best of what's out there - including footage from the workouts and interviews with players afterwards. It doesn't look fun, to say the least.


— Zach Smith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith)

This is REAL today!! @JayHolmes_ ??

— Zach S❌ith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) February 19, 2016

">February 19, 2016

Ohio State opens it season against Bowling Green on Saturday, September 3.