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Vonn Bell Is Picking Up The Saints' Playbook So Fast His Teammates Are Forgetting He's A Rookie

Ezekiel Elliott said he was a bit "shell-shocked" during his first OTAs' practice with the Dallas Cowboys. 

Such does not appear to be the case with Elliott's former teammate at Ohio State, Vonn Bell. 

The former Buckeyes' safety, taken in the second round by the New Orleans Saints, is picking up the playbook so fast that his teammates are forgetting that he's a rookie. 

">May 26, 2016

Bell told The Advocate about his mindset with the Saints.

“All the DBs here, especially if you’ve got years under your belt, I’m going to ask you questions,” Bell said. “I’m going to ask the coaches questions, just keep on challenging their brains every day. Me being a young guy, just be willing and open to be quiet, listen and watch those guys every day, and follow their lead.”

The 5-foot-10 defensive back looks like he'll be a key contributor for the Saints' defense this fall. 

New Orleans opens its 2016 season Sept. 11 against the Oakland Raiders.