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Watch: Ohio State Fan Cuts Script O-H-I-O Into Michigan Fan Friend's Lawn

A lawn with the script "Ohio" written on it.

All is fair in love, war and college football fandom.

Just take the case of Ohio State fan Ty Higgins of Powell, Ohio.

Apparently, Higgins' neighbor asked him to watch his lawn for the week while he went away on vacation. Turns out, that neighbor is a Michigan fan.

What did Higgins do? Well, of course he carved a script Ohio into the guy's lawn and filmed himself doing it.

Here is the video, which Higgins shared on Facebook and is going viral today.

Here is a closer look at the caption from Higgins' video.

My neighbor is a big *ichigan fan. He is out of town this week and asked me to watch over his place. I thought I'd spruce it up a bit! #GOBUCKS (It's better with audio)

Looking at his Facebook, you can see Higgins is a huge Buckeye fan. He's also an OSU alum.

His neighbor certainly knows how deep his loyalties go.