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Watch: Ohio State Tennis Player Refuses To Shake Texas A&M Player's Hand After It Appears He Spit On It

Ohio State tennis player refuses to shake hands.

We can't really blame him.

Ohio State tennis beat Texas A&M on Friday night 4-3 in a matchup between two top-10 teams.

The most interesting moment of the evening came following a match between OSU's JJ Wolf and Texas A&M's Patrick Kypson. Wolf scored a close victory after losing to Kypson in an offseason high school tournament last year.

Here is the recap from Ohio State's official website:

One of the matches of the night was on court two as JJ Wolf took on Kypson in a rematch of the finals of the Kalamazoo Boys 18s last summer. Kypson won that match but Wolf got his revenge on Friday. After dropping the first set 6-3, Wolf rebounded by getting a break at 4-2 and then served out for a 6-3 win in the second. In the third set, the two players were on serve through 4-4 before Wolf broke and then held serve on love to take the deciding set 6-4. Emotions ran high in that match both on and off the court.

If you're wondering what was meant by "emotions running high," check out the video below. In it, it appears Kypson spit in his hand before extending it to shake Wolf's.

As Wolf finished celebrating and approached the net, he put his hand out but pulled it back at the last secodn.

Did Kypson really spit in his hand, or was he joking?

If Kypson did spit in his hand, we can't blame Wolf for not shaking it.

First of all, it is bad sportsmanship. Secondly, flu season is really bad this year. That's gross.