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Watch: Ohio State Wideouts High-Five Each Other In The Middle Of Running Their Routes

Ohio State wide receivers high five each other on route.

It was apparently all by design.

The Ohio State Buckeyes rolled over UNLV today with a breezy 54-21 win, but you probably missed the best part of the game.

J.T. Barrett threw five touchdowns and J.K Dobbins rushed for nearly 100 yards, which is great and all, but the real highlight took place near the start of the fourth quarter when two Buckeye receivers greeted each other mid-route with a high five.

Check it out:

Ahh, that's the stuff. Good to see the guys having some fun out there. But according to those with more football knowledge than I, the receivers are actually taught to do that when running a mesh route; players are supposed to get as close as possible to one another. You learn something new every day:

Still, I've never seen that happen before in a game, and now I wish more players would do it.