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When Do The College Football Preseason Polls Come Out?

College football is almost here. The season officially kicks off on Thursday, September 3, meaning that we're just over one month from the 2015 campaign getting underway. The first weekend of the season includes some incredible games, like North Carolina vs. South Carolina, Michigan vs. Utah, BYU vs. Nebraska, Louisville vs. Auburn, Texas A&M vs. Arizona State, Texas vs. Notre Dame, Alabama vs. Wisconsin and Ohio State vs. Virginia Tech. But you probably want to know which teams are going to be ranked, right?

Well, the official polls - which are usually considered the AP Poll and the Coaches' Poll - don't come out for a few more weeks. While there is no listed date for their unveiling, it's fairly easy to guess a timeframe for each. Last year, the Coaches' Poll came out on July 31. The AP Poll didn't come out until much later - on August 17.

If you're feeling impatient, you can check out ESPN's 'Football Power Index'- it gives fans a good indication of how well each team will perform this season. You won't be shocked to see that Ohio State - last year's College Football Playoff champion - is listed as the top squad.