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Why ESPN Used That Horrible Camera Angle For The Ohio State-Michigan Game Last Night

ESPN camera captures a low angle to the Ohio State-Michigan game.

ESPN Camera

Did you watch that Ohio State-Michigan game last night? Do your eyes hurt a little bit this morning? 

It's understandable if they do, considering ESPN used that horrible floor-view camera angle for the entire game


— Andrew Holleran (@andrewjholleran)

WTF is this angle,

— Andrew Holleran (@andrewjholleran) February 17, 2016

">February 17, 2016

Unsurprisingly, everyone seemed to absolutely hate it. Especially those in Columbus...

">February 17, 2016

So, why'd ESPN use it? 

The network wanted to give viewers a feel of what it's like to watch a game from court-side seats. They wanted people to "appreciate" the speed of the game. 

And, mostly, they probably just wanted to try something different to see how it went over with their viewers.

Now you know, though, ESPN. Everyone hates the camera angle and you should never, ever use it again.