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Why Won't Georgia Play Ohio State In Football? "Once Urban Came In That Was Off The Table"

Don't expect Ohio State and Georgia's football programs to schedule a non-conference series at any point in the near future. 


Urban Frank Meyer. 

The Bulldogs' football program is currently seeking out non-conference teams to play. Georgia's athletic department is even listening to the ideas of its staff, friends, family, etc. Who should we play? is basically what they're asking. One team is not to be considered, though - Ohio State. 

The Buckeyes' coach is to blame for that. 

From's report: 

You can scratch one possibility off the list: Ohio State.

Georgia and Ohio State had a memorandum of understanding to play in 2020 and 2021. But that was canceled by Ohio State, and McGarity said it will not be revived.

"Once Urban came in that was off the table," McGarity said of Urban Meyer, hired as Ohio State coach in 2012.

What does Georgia have against the three-time national champion-winning Meyer? 

We're not really sure, but he did go 5-1 against the Bulldogs during his time at Florida.