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Will OSU Be This Season's B1G Leader (Or Legend)? Here Are The Betting Odds On A Big Ten Title For Each Team In 2014

Coming off of two straight undefeated regular seasons, and returning a Heisman candidate at quarterback in Braxton Miller, there is little doubt that Ohio State is the early favorite to win the Big Ten in 2014. 2013 Big Ten champs Michigan State are probably due for some regression, but at 5:1 odds, they represent some really good value for any Sparty fans looking to lay down some coin. Meanwhile Michigan, which has the fifth highest odds, is closer to Iowa than it is to Michigan State (or Ohio State, obviously). That must burn a little for Wolverine fans. Nebraska at 3:1? Winning the Big Ten at 8-4 will be very difficult, we don't love those odds.

Adam Kramer over at Kegs 'N Eggs alerted us to The Greek's first offshore odds for the 2014 season. Here's what it has for the Big Ten:

Ohio State - 27:20 (+135)
Wisconsin - 3:1 (+300)
Nebraska - 3:1 (+300)
Michigan State - 5:1 (+500)
Michigan - 8:1 (+800)
Minnesota - 20:1 (+2000)
Northwestern - 30:1 (+3000)
Indiana - 40:1 (+4000)
Illnois - 50:1 (+5000)
Maryland - 100:1 (+10000)
Rutgers - 200:1 (+20000)
Purdue - 250:1 (+25000)

The books are NOT high on new Big Ten members Maryland or Rutgers, but they're even less crazy about Purdue. Poor Purdue. So, Big Ten fans, whose odds do you like here?