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More Details Revealed About Arrest Of Ohio State Football Coach

A general view of Ohio State's stadium as players run onto the field.

COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 19: Ohio State Buckeyes take the field prior to the game against the Northern Illinois Huskies at Ohio Stadium on September 19, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Andrew Weber/Getty Images)

Update: Since this post, there have been significant revelations about an alleged history of domestic violence between Zach Smith and his wife Courtney.

Brett McMurphy has obtained on-the-record quotes, as well as text messages and photos from Courtney Smith.

Original: We have an update on the Zach Smith arrest from earlier this year, after his Wednesday court appearance. The Ohio State wide receivers coach was brought in for trespassing.

The arrest was made back in May 12, but word did not really spread about it until this week. Eleven Warriors was the first to report the court appearance.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, the arrest stems from Smith attempting to drop off his son at his ex-wife's home. There is debate as to whether he is allowed to do so.

From the report:

"Although the police report states that Smith was arrested, (attorney Bradley) Koffel said that wasn’t the case. He said Smith was cited after he dropped off his son at his ex-wife’s apartment that day.

Koffel said the issue is whether Zach Smith is allowed to do that. The shared-parenting plan between Zach and Courtney Smith says he can, according to Koffel. He added that a police officer told Zach Smith five months ago that he could no longer do that, although the attorney said that’s not binding.

“They pick up and drop off like every other divorced family,” Koffel said. “They said, ‘He was told by one of our officers five months ago not to drop off at her apartment.’ I said that’s not enough to override a domestic-court order on where he’s allowed to drop off or pick up his kids. It’s a court order that controls this.”

Zach Smith's attorney says that he made the decision to drop his son off at his ex-wife's home after she did not give a quick answer as to a more appropriate location.

“He’s just following what he’s supposed to do as a noncustodial parent,” Koffel said. “She decided, with little or no notice, ‘Don’t drop our son off at my place.’ He said, ‘Where do I drop him off?’”

Koffel said that Zach Smith didn’t get an immediate answer.

“He’s on the clock” for returning his son, Koffel said. “He’s like, ‘You know what, I’m going to drop him off at your place. No harm, no foul.’

“She took exception to that and called the Powell Police Department. There were no threats. He never got out of his car. They weren’t even in an argument.”

While it is definitely not a great situation for Smith and his family, considering what little we knew about the case before the trial, it is a relief to those that weren't aware. It sounds like this is just a dispute between divorced parents, and nothing more, from what we know.

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