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Zach Smith Tweeted His Thoughts On Ohio State's "Investigation"

zach smith gives an interview on espn

Former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith has taken to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the Ohio State investigation. Smith's comments come one night after punishments forUrban Meyer and Gene Smith were announced.

Smith's tweet centered on the interview he gave two members of the investigative committee. In it, Smith alleges the investigators appeared to be focused more on media backlash.

"Can’t wait 2 disclose the 2.5 hr “investigative” interview I gave 2 the people OSU employed 2 find out if Cch Meyer / Gene Smith did anything wrong... Questions were bizarre & VERY clear they weren’t investigating ANYTHING they were supposed to be... Investigating media backlash," he tweeted.

At first glance, it is unclear if Smith is saying Ohio State didn't put forth an honest investigation, or if he is saying there was nothing to look into in the first place. Either way, he is probably better off not commenting. These are the first public statements Smith has made since his interview on ESPN a few weeks ago. However, he tweeted something else in the immediate aftermath of the press conference at Ohio State last night. It was a quote from Proverbs referencing truth and false evidence.

Smith was let go by Urban Meyer in late July. Meyer was ultimately suspended three games and Gene Smith for two-plus weeks for the way they handled domestic violence allegations against the former wide receivers coach and grandson of Ohio State legend Earle Bruce.