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An Email Sent To Ohio State During The Zach Smith Saga Is Going Viral

A closeup of an ohio state football helmet.

COLLEGE PARK, MD - NOVEMBER 17: A detail of an Ohio State Buckeyes helmet during the game against the Maryland Terrapins at Capital One Field on November 17, 2018 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

On Friday, Ohio State released more than 2,000 emails and texts from the Zach Smith saga that engulfed the program last summer.

Most of the documents are of a serious nature, but there is one lighthearted email that is going viral. It comes from a man named Chris Tapley, who signed it as "your next coach."

Addressed to the Athletic Department of Ohio State University, Tapley wrote to express his interest in the "upcoming head coaching vacancy." This was presumably sent when there was some uncertainty over whether or not Urban Meyer would keep his job.

"I am sure that the previous coach will be terminated, unless your staff is made up of lizard people," Tapley writes.

As if that isn't weird enough, Tapley cites his "illustrious" college football career, "impressive" 32-1 record in online Xbox competition and mastery of the option.

"One of the biggest differentiating factors between myself and the previous regime is that the only domestic argument that will occur will be the debate between Miller, Coors, Budweiser and Natty," the email reads.

It goes without saying that this email is amazing. Tapley is certainly qualified for something, albeit not the head football coaching position at Ohio State.

Also, kudos to him for if he uses the triple option in online play. It's an incredible video game offense.