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Baltimore Ravens OL John Urschel Retires At Age 26

The former Penn State star played three seasons in the NFL.

Recently, we've seen some players retire from the NFL at an early age.

The Ravens' John Urschel is the latest to do it.

Urschel announced his retirement this morning in a release on the Baltimore Ravens' website.

A fifth-round pick of the team in the 2014 draft, Urschel appeared in 40 games (13 starts) with Baltimore over the last three seasons. He was expected to compete for the team's starting center spot.

As the release notes, Urschel is a world-recognized mathematician in his free time. He is a Ph.D candidate at MIT and has already composed several research papers.

According to Urschel's MIT bio, he has studied topics such as "spectral graph theory, numerical PDE's, matrix algebra, computational finance, mathematical physics, and others."

He also currently has "the fastest eigensolver for minimal Laplacian eigenvectors," which honestly doesn't even sound like English but does sound incredibly impressive.

Clearly, Urschel's brain is quite important to him, and he possesses a tremendous gift outside of the gridiron. It is fair to wonder if recent CTE studies and his own internal struggle with playing football caused him to step away early.

Best of luck to him.