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Duquesne Brewing Has Sold Nearly 1 Million Cans Of Joe Paterno-Branded Beer

If you sell something related to former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in Pennsylvania, chances are it will do pretty well. Duquesne Brewing Company began selling its Paterno-branded lager just a week ago, and has already sold almost a million cans, and begun preparing for a second run at the beer.

">August 31, 2015

ESPN's Darren Rovell spoke to brewery owner Mark Dudash about the surge in popularity of the "legacy series" beer.

"One distributor would order one palette, then the next day four palettes and then next day a half of a truckload," Dudash said. "We had hoped by the fifth Penn State game to have sold 500 barrels worth. We're up to 3,000 barrels already."

We're going to assume that the Paterno beer will become a staple of Duquesne's offerings, based on those ridiculous numbers.