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Jay Paterno Added To Penn State Board Of Trustees

Jay Paterno speaking during a interview with ESPN.

Jay Paterno/ESPN

Jay Paterno, son of late Penn State head coach Joe Paterno, is a new member of the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Paterno was voted into the Board of Trustees this afternoon. Earlier this year, it was reported that Paterno and his mother, Sue Paterno, intended to run for Board seats.

Paterno spoke to ESPN's Mark Schlabach about his new role:

"When you look at it, between my mom and dad and my family, we've been connected with Penn State for more than a century, when you add up all the years we've given there," Paterno told ESPN on Friday. "We feel very strongly about the university and what it can be. There are some challenges at Penn State and in higher education around the country, and I thought it was time for me to get involved."

This will certainly be a controversial move for the University, which fired Paterno's legendary father after 45 seasons at the helm of the Nittany Lions, after the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke. Jay Paterno has been very outspoken about restoring his father's legacy on campus, even after court documents unsealed last summer featured statements from a Sandusky victim, who says he told Paterno that he was abused by the former PSU assistant in 1976.

Jay Paterno previously served as an assistant on his father's football staff, and inquired about job openings at other programs after his father's staff was let go, but he has not coached since 2011.