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Video: Katie Nolan On Darren Sharper, Derrick Rose, Penn State, And Sports Organizations Not Taking "Easy Wins"

A picture of Katie Nolan on her show Garbage Time

YouTube/Katie Nolan

Katie Nolan connected the issues with Darren Sharper's Hall of Fame candidacy, Derrick Rose, and Penn State honoring Joe Paterno on the latest episode of Garbage Time.

In last night's episode of Garbage Time on FOX Sports 1, Katie Nolan discussed sports organizations failing to take "easy wins," that is, refusing to do common sense things that would avoid controversy.

The three topics she hits in the monologue.

-The NBA Players' Association's profile on Derrick Rose that ran the while the New York Knicks star is currently in the pretrial process of a civil suit brought by a woman that is accusing him of rape. The profile does not mention the case.

-Penn State honoring Joe Paterno just five years after he was fired in the midst of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

-The NFL Hall of Fame having Darren Sharper, who is currently serving an 18-year federal sentence of drugging and raping 16 women.

Nolan argues that in all of these cases, the respective organizations were better off doing nothing. Instead, their actions launched controversy this week.

Nolan's points are strong, especially when it comes to Sharper.

Some NFL Hall of Fame voters argue that the former Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints star safety should only be judged for his play on the field when it comes to his Hall of Fame candidacy.

Nolan points out that the same standard has not always applied, specifically in the candidacy of wide receiver Terrell Owens', who is a clear Hall of Famer when it comes to on-field production, but has failed to receive the requisite votes in large part because of off-the-field controversies and his reputation for being a "poor locker room presence." She presents video of voter Gary Myers of the New York Daily News outlining this argument against T.O.

The crimes Sharper was convicted of are obviously magnitudes worse than whatever distractions Owens might have caused as a teammate, and yet, some believe one should be voted in while the other continues to be snubbed.