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Matt Leinart Names 2 Big Ten Campuses He Wants To Visit

Matt Leinart wearing a blue sweater.

Fox Sports 1.

FOX's Big Noon Kickoff pregame show travels to the network's premier game every week. Matt Leinart is eyeing a couple of future destinations.

On Tuesday, Leinart participated in a Q&A with followers on Twitter through the FOX College Football account. One of the questions asked was where he would like to see the Big Noon Kickoff go next year.

Leinart cited a pair of Big Ten schools: Penn State and Wisconsin.

"I'd love to see Big Noon Kickoff go to Happy Valley next year. The 'White Out' for Penn State, just an incredible atmosphere," Leinart said. "I'd also like to go to Madison, Wisconsin. I know that place is an incredible college football atmosphere and just a great college town."

Earlier this week, Leinart called Madison his favorite college town, even though he's only going on reputation and word of mouth.

"I've never been there, but I've heard the stories," Leinart said.

This weekend, FOX's noon kickoff game will be Texas Tech-Oklahoma State.