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New Penn State AD Sandy Barbour's Verified Twitter Account Sends Readers To A Cal-Berkeley Parody Facebook Page

Penn State announced the hiring of Cal-Berkeley athletic director Sandy Barbour late last week, and she's quickly made changes on social media to display her move to Happy Valley. It turns out that someone else decided to go into her account and make some changes as well. While none of Barbour's tweets seem out of the ordinary, her profile page raises some questions. Barbour's location reads "Berkeley LOL" and her web address directs readers to a parody Facebook page about Cal sports.

The Facebook page is called "Califronia Gloden Beras," and most of the content is a mix of self-loathing Cal fandom, and a lot of hate towards Barbour.

The individual who runs the page also launched a Twitter account using the vacated handle that Barbour used before changing it to reflect her new job at Penn State. The account only has 33 followers, but based on screenshots, it tricked a number of people.

">July 27, 2014

">July 27, 2014

">July 28, 2014

This is a very strange social media story, but not entirely surprising in 2014. Expect this whole thing to be cleaned up very soon.