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Jimmy John's Employee Says Penn State Football Didn't Tip On $1200 Delivery Order

Penn State football has lost one local fan this week, a local Jimmy John's employee who doesn't appreciate the program's tipping practices.

Tipping a delivery driver is common courtesy, even for college students without a lot of money to burn. For a football program like Penn State, which brings in millions in revenue every year (over $125 million in 2014-15 per USA Today), a nice tip on a giant order for the whole team should be standard.

Early Sunday morning, Twitter user @PKing1101, a Penn State student according to his bio, tweeted out that the program had stiffed a Jimmy John's delivery driver on a $1200 order of sandwiches for the program. He has since deleted the message, which began to go viral today.

A tweet from a Jimmy John's employee who is angry with Penn State's football team.

In a response tweet, he said he did not make the delivery, but "made and packaged their 120 box lunch order," which he says was tax exempt.

Hopefully Penn State football makes up for it, and gets back to the driver with a tip. 120 sandwiches is no easy haul for someone to make with no tip to be had.