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Penn State Currently Has The No. 1 Recruiting Class For 2018

The Penn State Nittany Lions currently have the No. 1 ranked recruiting class for 2018, according to 247Sports.

National Signing Day for the 2017 class was just two days ago, but the college football recruiting cycle never stops, and Penn State's 2018 class is a pretty good example of that.

Already, the Nittany Lions have 1o players committed in the No. 1 ranked recruiting class for 2018, per 247Sports: two 5-star recruits, six 4-star recruits and two 3-star recruits. Most programs are lucky to get a 5-star guy, period, and Penn State already has two locked up. Not bad! Will the recruits remain committed until February 7— the 2018 class' National Signing Day? That's hard to say, but for now, the Lions are looking at the seeds of a pretty nice haul.

Alabama has dominated recruiting this decade, garnering the No. 1 ranking every year since 2011, and it will likely take a massive recruiting effort to dethrone the Crimson Tide.

Florida State, Miami Notre Dame and USC round out the top five for 2018. Alabama sits at No. 9.

Penn State came in at the No. 15 ranked recruiting class for 2017.