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New Penn State Concept Uniform Modernizes Nittany Lions' Threads

Penn State uniforms are all about tradition. There may be no college football program attached to its classic, stripped down look like the Nittany Lions.

But that doesn't keep the internet's concept uniform designers from attempting to modernize the Nittany Lions' look a little bit.

Next Gen Uniforms designed a new Penn State uniform, that largely sticks to the roots of the program's look, but adds a few little stylistic flairs here and there. Most notably: a Penn State logo to the classic white helmet.

There is also a basic shoulder pattern, and a logo on the jersey collar.

It isn't a huge overhaul, but for Penn State, any change is huge.

Of course, in reality, we don't see the Nittany Lions breaking out new uniforms anytime soon, if ever. Like these concept updates, Penn State fans, or do you prefer the classic look?