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Photos: Penn State Installing Giant Light-Up Nittany Lion Logo On Back Of HD Scoreboard

If, in the near future, you're wandering around State College, Pa. at night and you need to find Penn State's football stadium, just look up into the sky. Soon, there will be a giant, glow-in-the-dark Nittany Lion logo shining on the back of Beaver Stadium's HD scoreboard. Installation of the logo began today. 

">May 14, 2014

The decision to install the logo was made roughly one year ago. Penn State's current HD scoreboard was built in 2000, so in 2013, school officials voted for a $10 million replacement that would include full-screen, high-definition video panels, a new sound system, closed-captioning boards below the scoreboard, and the back-lit logo.

Penn State is following in the footsteps of Michigan and Ohio State, which also have giant logos on the back of their scoreboards.