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Vanderbilt Asst. Charles Bankins Flips James Franklin's Famous "Three Conferences: AFC, NFC, SEC" Words Back On Him


Penn State head football coach James Franklin has always had a way with words. He has already started to win over Nittany Lions fans with his charming personality and serious media skills, and during his time at Vanderbilt he was loved by his players and the fans. One of the most notable things that he said as head coach of the Commodores actually occurred during 2011's SEC Media Days. Franklin famously mentioned what he tells to recruits:

"There are only three conferences that matter in football: the AFC, NFC, and the SEC."

Of course, fans in the South loved hearing this, but it looks a bit ironic now when you consider that Franklin bolted from the SEC to the Big Ten. In fact, special teams coordinator and tight ends coach Charles Bankins, the only assistant expected to remain at Vanderbilt as a holdover from Franklin's staff, decided to remind fans on Twitter about that quote this afternoon:

Sometimes you just have to eat your words -- I don't think Franklin will be saying the same thing to recruits anymore.