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Video: Penn State Football Releases A Pump-Up Video That Highlights The Team's "Unrivaled Commitment"

Penn State head football coach James Franklin has been a big fan of the hashtag #PSUnrivaled ever since he took the Nittany Lions' head coaching job earlier this year. The "unrivaled" mentality has become a major part of Penn State's program, and in this awesome pump-up video released by the university, that mentality is highlighted. The video features Penn State's work in the weight room and on the practice field leading up to the 2014 season, and shows off how hard and intense the team is during workouts. The video ends with some of the team's highlights from 2013. If you're a Nittany Lion fan, you'll absolutely love this video. Check it out:

We'll see if Penn State's "unrivaled commitment" will pay off on the football field this year, starting on August 30, when the Nittany Lions travel to Ireland to take on UCF.