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Video: The First Thing James Franklin Did When Arriving In Happy Valley Was Shake A Young Fan's Hand

It's all about relationships.

It's very, very hard not to love new Penn State head football coach James Franklin. At every stop Franklin has had, he's made one thing clear: he's all about people, and establishing great relationships with them. So if Nittany Lions fans were expecting Franklin to win them over in his opening press conference (which he dominated, by the way), they were already falling way behind -- he was making friends and believers the second he stepped off of the plane in State College.

When Franklin literally stepped off of his plane, he was greeted by both fans and media on the tarmac. Franklin noticed two "young ladies" -- very young PSU fans -- and went over to greet them:

Later, in his welcoming presser, he mentioned shaking the girl's hand, and how that already made him feel at home:

"Stepping off that plane today was unbelievable. The fans, the media at the airport, got a chance to walk over meet two beautiful young women by the fence, got to shake their hands, the young ladies. And just the sense of pride at this place, that's the biggest thing."

I think it's safe to say that Franklin is hitting all of the right notes early.