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Penn State To Hold Blue-Out For Child-Abuse Prevention

PSU should do this every week.

Penn State will once again be holding a "Blue-Out" in an effort to raise money and awareness for child abuse prevention, SBNation reports. Last year, Penn Sate held a blue-out versus Nebraska for the same cause. Here is what the University said about it at the time:

"In addition to being the color of our team's home game jerseys, blue represents the color of bruises that have too often been neglected. Let's make national news for our collective actions to show solidarity with both the victims and our fellow classmates on the field." ~ Penn State Official Facebook Page

This year, the blue-out will be held September 22nd against Temple.

It seems like a great opportunity to raise funds for a good cause and show people what Penn State is really about. However, there are still some people who are upset that Penn State would waver from its traditional White-Out.