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Here's The Favorite For Every NCAA Tournament Game Thursday, According To ESPN's BPI

The NCAA Tournament's first round tips off Thursday, and by the time Friday morning comes, 16 games will have already been played. It's one of the best sports days of the year - and also one of the longest.

If you're still debating which teams to pick this year, the analytics guys over at ESPN have some good intel for you. Below, they've tweeted out the favorite for every tournament game today, according to what they call their BPI - or Basketball Power Index. BPI, according to ESPN, takes into account final score, pace of play, site, strength of opponent and absence of key players. In short, it's a more comprehensive statistic than something like RPI.

Here's each team's "chance to win" today. Kansas and Virginia both have 99% chances to win. Gonzaga, an 11-seed, surprisingly has a 70% chance against Seton Hall. Butler vs. Texas Tech - the 8 vs. 9 matchup, is the closest.

">March 17, 2016

Will you change your picks based on this chart? Or do you still think you're good to go?