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Here's The Brace The NCAA Wouldn't Let Purdue's Isaac Haas Play With Today

isaac haas dribbling a basketball with a brace on.


Isaac Haas wanted to play in today's Purdue-Butler game after fracturing his elbow Wednesday. The NCAA ruled against him.

Haas suffered the injury during Purdue's first round win over Cal State Fullerton. He went down hard on his elbow going for a rebound.

After the game, with his elbow wrapped up, he told reporters that he didn't think the injury was a big deal. However, after he was evaluated, the fracture was revealed.

Haas was initially Purdue Star Isaac Haas Out For Rest Of NCAA Tournament

">ruled out for the rest of the NCAA Tournament by Purdue. As a senior, that would effectively end his college career.

However, he wants to try to play through it. Ahead of today's game against Butler, he warmed up, but reportedly felt pain attempting to shoot free throws.

Ultimately, it was the NCAA that made the decision for Isaac Haas and Purdue.

The organization ruled that the large elbow brace Haas was wearing was not up to code. Yahoo! Sports posted the cited NCAA rule that led to the decision:

Art. 1. The referee shall not permit any player to wear equipment that in his or her judgment is dangerous to other players. Art. 2. Elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm guards, casts or braces made of fiberglass, plaster, metal or any other nonpliable substance, shall be prohibited. […] Art. 4. Pliable (flexible or easily bent) material, covered on all exterior sides and edges with not less than 1/2-inch thickness of a slow-rebounding foam, may be used to immobilize and protect an injury. Art. 5. Equipment that could cut or cause an injury to another player shall be prohibited, without respect to whether the equipment is hard. Excessively long fingernails shall be prohibited.

It isn't a terribly surprising decision. The brace Haas was attempting to play through was massive.

As of this writing, Purdue has a three-point lead on Butler early in the second half. The Boilermakers are the No. 2 seed in the East Region.

The winner of Purdue-Butler will face No. 3 Texas Tech in the Sweet 16. The Red Raiders beat Florida on Saturday.

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