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Video: Purdue Runs Awesome Trick Play That Fails Miserably

Purdue lining up for a trick play against Penn State


The Boilermakers tried to get cute with a trick play against Penn State today and things went terribly.

Purdue is 3-4, has lost two in a row, and just fired its head coach. The Boilermakers are a team with basically nothing to lose at this point, except for maybe their pride. Now, it seems as though they've lost that too, after trying and failing to execute a bizarre trick play mid-drive.

Let's watch and cringe together:

Well, at least they tried? Penn State was clearly not amused or duped in the slightest.

Purdue came into this game as pretty sizable underdogs, and this is probably a perfect example as to why. Despite the play actually being executed pretty well, it gained a total of zero yards.

By some miracle, Purdue managed to score a touchdown on this drive.

Purdue is currently trailing Penn State 55-24 in the fourth quarter.