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Purdue Quarterback Elected Student Body President

Purdue quarterback Aaron Banks throws a touchdown pass in the 2017 spring game.

College athletes have plenty on their plate to begin with. Balancing class and a full slate of practices, tape study, and workouts is a lot. Purdue quarterback Aaron Banks is adding another significant role to his ledger ahead of his senior year. He has been elected student body president.

The results of the Purdue student body president election were revealed on Tuesday. Banks and his running mate won the vote fairly comfortably. On Wednesday, they were sworn in. Purdue is set to host its spring football game on Saturday, so it is quite the week for Banks.

More on Purdue quarterback Aaron Banks's election, from The Exponent:

Shared-ticket presidential candidate Aaron Banks and vice presidential candidate Olivia Keller won the 2018 Purdue Student Government elections in a close victory, as announced at PSG’s official election reveal Tuesday.

Banks and Keller won with 55.6 percent of the vote, while runner-ups Carley Jagel and Dhruv Bhargava followed with 44.4 percent.


The swearing-in ceremony for Banks and Keller will take place on Wednesday, and their work in the executive office starts immediately. This weekend, they will accompany current president and vice president Sam Eschker and Jon Jones to Washington, D.C., for “Big Ten on the Hill,” a conference organized for student governments of Big Ten universities around the country.

Banks is a walk-on quarterback for the Boilermakers, but he has seen some live action. Back in 2015, he appeared in what is his only career game so far.

Due to multiple quarterback injuries and another player redshirting, Banks got into the game 2015 game against Indiana. He completed his lone pass attempt for four yards.

To add to Banks's impressive résumé, he carries a GPA above 3.0, and already has an internship lined up for the summer. From The Indianapolis Star:

Winners win, right? Banks has been balancing football and engineering school, and doing it with a 3.0 grade-point average that helped him land an internship this summer with the consulting firm Accenture in Chicago. Banks figures the fall semester will be difficult, what with classes and football and his latest triumph, serving as student-body president, but he didn’t run for office just to sit back and thump his chest about winning.

Aaron Banks may not be the focal point of Purdue's offense this fall. However, it is hard to find a more impressive player on most college campuses.

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