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Big Ten Guard Rips NCAA Over 'Modern Day Slavery'

Geo Baker #0 of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights celebrates

NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 02: Geo Baker #0 of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights reacts in the first half against the Purdue Boilermakers during quarterfinals of the Big Ten Basketball Tournament at Madison Square Garden on March 2, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

Rutgers guard Geo Baker sounded off in the comments of an Instagram post on Saturday afternoon, criticizing the NCAA for how it treats its athletes.

The Scarlet Knights star began his piece in response to a graphic that contained a picture of Baylor's Scott Drew. Underneath the photo of the Bears head coach read a quote from him, saying "Guys are breaking up with their long-time girlfriends to keep the bubble tight and play games."

The post elicited a response from Baker, who responded "and we still ‘amateurs" to the original post. He then expanded upon his point, expressing his frustration about a difficult NCAA basketball season.

“That’s nothing compared to what we bring to our schools. Not even saying schools should pay players. (Which already happens anyway)," Baker commented on an Instagram post on Saturday. "But Others can create their own business and make money off it so why would an athlete not be allowed to do that?? I have to sign a paper that says my name and likeness belongs to the school. Modern day slavery.”

Baker ended his tirade against by mentioning the difficult circumstances that he and the rest of the NCAA players are going through during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a response to another user's comment.

“U realize we are playing in a pandemic being told to stay away from everyone we love just for y’all entertainment but i can’t sell my own jersey with my last name on it to help my future financially. That makes sense to u?”

Baker sounds fairly upset with how college basketball has been forced to operate during the worldwide pandemic. He now adds his voice to a long list of amateur athletes that have expressed their dismay with the NCAA over the past few years.

Although, Baker might be upset, it hasn't fully shown on the court. Through 12 games, he’s averaging 9.8 points and 3 assists, but has taken more of a backseat on a talented Rutgers team.

The Scarlet Knights got off to a 9-6 start and will be back in action on Sunday night against Northwestern.