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Eric LeGrand Believes That "There's No Way Jadeveon Clowney's Hit Is Illegal"


Yesterday, news surfaced that the single hardest football hit of 2012-13, the Jadeveon Clowney tackle versus Michigan, would have been ruled illegal under the new college football rules in place for 2013, and Clowney would have been ejected from the game.

Many fans are outraged over this, because it doesn't appear that Clowney's hit was malicious -- it was just an extremely hard hit. Today, one voice stood out above all others in defense of Clowney:

Yes, Eric LeGrand, the former Rutgers football player who once broke his neck playing the game, (and is still paralyzed) believes that Clowney's hit was perfectly legal. Nobody would be more supportive of player safety rules than LeGrand, so if he is arguing that Clowney's hit should be deemed okay, others will probably take notice.

We're sure to hear more about this issue as the season inches closer, but this is one powerful addition to the conversation.