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Former Big 10 Starter Accused Of Fracturing Woman's Skull

A general view of Rutgers football stadium.

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ - NOVEMBER 19: A general view during the first half of a game between the Cincinnati Bearcats and Rutgers Scarlet Knights at Rutgers Stadium on November 19, 2011 in New Brunswick, New Jersey. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Former four-star recruit Nadir Barnwell, who was a two-year starter at Rutgers before legal trouble led to his exit from the program, is now facing an attempted homicide charge after a weekend incident.

According to an arrest warrant from Nashville Metro Police, Barnwell allegedly grabbed a woman by her throat, shook her and dropped her on her head. The victim suffered a fractured skull and had to have surgery to stop "significant" brain bleeding.

She also suffered bruises and may have broken her right arm.


In the Nashville incident, according to the police warrant, Barnwell could be seen on video surveillance just before 3 a.m. agitated and pacing near the woman, who was sitting on the bridge. Barnwell then takes his shirt off, charges at the woman and assaults her, according to police's review of the video.

Barnwell can be seen pacing again while the woman lies on the ground and makes a phone call before trying to wake her. He then picks her up and walks off camera. About 40 minutes later, he calls for medical help, police said.

Barnwell was one of five players dismissed from the Rutgers program in September 2015 for his role in a brawl over a parking spot in New Brunswick. The video of that fight was released over the weekend.

Barnwell was also suspended for a game as a freshman at Rutgers in 2013 due to a DUI. Additionally, former RU head coach Kyle Flood was caught meeting with a professor attempting to get a grade changed for Barnwell, one of the countless missteps that led to Flood's firing in 2015.

A native of Piscataway and a four-star recruit in the class of 2013, Barnwell transferred to Tennessee Tech, where he graduated from this weekend.