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Rutgers Basketball Coach Eddie Jordan Finally Graduated From RU This Weekend

A little more than two years after it was revealed he had never graduated from Rutgers despite attending classes there for several years while he starred on the basketball team, RU head basketball coach Eddie Jordan finally obtained his bachelor's degree. The past two years, Jordan attended classes at his alma mater while stewarding the hoops program.

Incredibly, Jordan's commencement ceremony was held inside the Rutgers Athletic Center, where his hoops squad plays its home games. Had to be a pretty surreal experience for him. 

">May 16, 2015

Jordan's "Diplomagate" was a dose of bad PR for the Scarlet Knights on the heels of the Mike Rice scandal. There was no mandate from the school that Jordan had to get his degree, so good on him for following through and earning that sheepskin. It's an excellent feel-good story and one that should be commended.