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Rutgers Claimed New Coach Eddie Jordan Graduated From School, But It Was A Lie


Just a month ago, Rutgers University fired Mike Rice after videos surfaced of him physically and verbally abusing his basketball players. At that point, the school knew it needed to change its image fast, and decided to hire from within the Rutgers family, ultimately selecting former player Eddie Jordan, who also has NBA coaching experience under his belt.

The school announced that it was proud to hire a Rutgers graduate -- here is what Jordan's new bio on the school website said:

RU’s all-time leader in both assists (585) and steals (220), "Fast Eddie" scored 1,632 career points and earned honorable mention All-American honors as a senior in 1977 before earning a degree in health and physical education.

However, Deadspin is reporting that Eddie Jordan never in fact graduated from Rutgers University -- while he certainly played there and attended classes, he never acquired the 110 total credits required to graduate from the school.

So the question is, was the university trying to hide the fact that Jordan never received a degree from Rutgers? Or, was it just an innocent mistake because, after all, Jordan did attend the school for several years.

Personally, I think that it was likely a mistake -- certainly Rutgers officials should have done their due diligence, but whether or not Jordan actually received a degree does not change his history with the school and program. And really, does he even need a degree to coach basketball?

If anything more comes of this, we'll keep you posted.