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Rutgers AD Begs Fans Not To Chant "F-ck Penn State" This Saturday

Rutgers AD Pat Hobbs sent out a letter pleading Rutgers fans to chill out this Saturday when the Scarlet Knights take on Penn State.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights, who have lost 58-0, 78-0, and 49-0 this year, and continue to masquerade as a real college football team, host No. 8 Penn State this Saturday. It's also their Senior Day.

And in anticipation of the matchup, which will almost certainly be an unwatchable imbroglio, athletic director Pat Hobbs sent out a letter to all Rutgers students and fans, asking them to be responsible at the game—because apparently people still go. You can read the letter in its entirety

A letter from Athletic Director Pat Hobbs to the @RutgersU@RFootball

— Rutgers Athletics (@RUAthletics) November 17, 2016

">here, but this is the most interesting part (emphasis mine):

The last time Penn State visited there were a number of unfortunate incidents, including that awful chant on third downs. I don't believe that is who we are...Let's help our team win Saturday by being loud and proud, respectful and classy.

Awful chant? That's oddly specific. What's the "awful chant," you may ask? Well, it's pretty straightforward:


Chanting "f-ck Penn State" on third downs has become somewhat of a tradition, as Rutgers fans don't limit the chorus to only Penn State. Whether it's Indiana or Michigan State or New Mexico, the chant has been a staple of third downs ever since Rutgers took on Penn State back in 2014.

Is it likely that Hobbs' letter will do anything to suppress the "f-ck Penn State" chants this Saturday? Probably not! Maybe the student body would be more willing to listen if he'd just give them their tailgates back.